A look at the placement process for the best title examiner jobs

We’re no stranger to placing candidates in the best title examiner jobs with the top firms in the title insurance industry. We have decades of experience in all aspects of the industry, from mergers and acquisitions to owning, operating, and improving existing firms.

Our services are geared towards the best: The best title insurance employees and the best title insurance agencies.

Being among the best has afforded us many opportunities to see so much throughout our years of experience. During this time we’ve vetted our process for placing candidates with title examiner jobs that meet their career and compensation goals.

Are you a high-end title examiner seeking the best opportunities for your career? If so, take a look at our placement process to see how you can begin working with us.


How we place top candidates with the best title examiner jobs


As with any successful process, there are a number of steps that we take to assure we’re working with the best candidates and the top agencies. We don’t like to waste anyone’s time or resources, so we’ve focused our selection process and honed our recruiting skills.

Here at Title Insurance Partners we select viable candidates through referrals, our large network of industry connections, and our vetting process. We get to know our candidates thoroughly so we can be confident in fitting them with the perfect corporate culture for their abilities.

It’s important to stress that not all title insurance job seekers coming to us become candidates of ours. They must have a high degree of experience and skills to be taken on. Once we find capable candidates to work with, we begin with the initial introduction.

The introduction begins with a two-person TIP team. This allows us to learn about our candidates from a personal level. Here we can determine the experience, skills, and goals of our candidates. This is the first step in placing them with the appropriate firm. During this introduction we respect confidentiality requirements before sharing opportunities to the qualified candidates.

Once our introduction is complete, we’re able to offer the most fitting matches to these top candidates. Our associates are constantly staying up-to-date with the current market desires and objectives. Once we find the best match, we move through a smooth interview process. We provide top-notch assistance throughout, including the on-boarding process for candidates that get hired.

We then help with the most important part of the process: contract negotiation. As you may be aware, contract negotiation can be stressful and confusing for many. As experts in this often misunderstood industry of title insurance, we’re able to assist like no others. We understand the appropriate compensation for the top title jobs based on the candidate’s skills and value. Our candidates are guaranteed to get the most from their relationship with us.

The last part of our work involves offering mentorship. We help our candidates through mentoring, sharing sales strategies, and networking. This way the best title jobs can be filled with skilled, informed employees for the evolving future of the title insurance industry.

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