Find the latest information on escrow and title company mergers and acquisitions in this article

Partnerships in the title industry can lead to growth and market impact if the partnerships are strategically designed. The same can be said for mergers and acquisitions.

Today we are sharing news on escrow and title company updates, as well as mergers and partnerships for companies serving the title, real estate, and mortgage industries.

Specialized Data Systems and QuestSoft create a partnership

This partnership targets growing industry needs as mortgage compliance becomes more complex. A press release from QuestSoft described the merger and its benefit, “Through the integration, lenders can save time and avoid costly penalties by testing every loan for full adherence to national, state and investor rules and regulations both and pre- and post-closing. Applying new regulatory guidelines as they are released, Compliance EAGLE provides the most up-to-date system for compliance in a single platform. This integration delivers increased speed, ensures data integrity and enhances reporting capabilities as well.”

Aprio, LLP partners with RynohLive

An escrow reconciliation solution has been launched by Aprio, LLP in a partnership with RynohLive.

This new service is focused on data security, real-time transaction monitoring, fraud detection, audit readiness, and professional independence.

Will this partnership lead to more protection against escrow fraud? According to a press release about the partnership, “For title agents, Aprio’s solution eliminates the burden of performing timely escrow reconciliation and enables them to better utilize resources for revenue-generating activities. For underwriters, the risk associated with their agents’ reconciliation and bookkeeping is minimized.”

Pavaso involved in multiple partnerships

Pavaso, a digital platform for real estate closings, has partnered with eOriginal and Signature Closers in November 2017.

According to an article on the eOriginal partnership from Housing Wire, “Through the partnership, Pavaso will utilize eOriginal’s electronic promissory note (eNote) and electronic vaulting (eVault) services.

“And as a result, the closing process will become fully digital, which includes the creation, execution and vaulting of an eNote for the delivery to the secondary market.”

Additionally, Pavaso will also bring its digital offerings to Signature Closers. According to an article on National Mortgage Professional Magazine, “The platform accommodates early signing, attorney states, split closings, multiple borrowers, sellers, and more. Mortgage lenders, their business partners and consumers can communicate, collaborate and work in a single virtual location.”

The article continues with a brief look at other aspects of the partnership. “In addition, the relationship will facilitate easier communication, collaboration and secure data exchange among all the transaction’s stakeholders.”

Are mergers and acquisitions part of your future in title insurance?

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