If you’re a great candidate for top-level title insurance underwriting jobs, then you’ve come to the right place


We look for great candidates for insurance underwriting jobs because we are a top recruitment firm in the title insurance agency. We attract the best talent and place them among the best firms.

We are Title Insurance Partners. We believe in breaking down the barriers between top title insurance jobs and the best title companies in the industry.

We like to see ourselves as gatekeepers to the best insurance underwriting jobs because we develop relationships with our candidates. We get to know them, understand them, and determine what type of corporate culture they would fit in best.

Unlike many other firms in the insurance industry, we present a thorough and ordered process for hiring. Even more impressively, we are the only firm dedicated solely to Title. We are unique in the industry of title insurance, and because of this, we attract the most experienced candidates and we work with the top firms in the industry.

Access to the best title insurance underwriting jobs with TIP


There are reasons the top title insurance candidates and insurance underwriters contact us for employment assistance. There’s also reason why the most-desired firms work with us for employee placement. This is because our experience is unmatched and unrivaled.

Here’s a look at seven ways we rise above the competition:

  • We have thousands of connections in the industry.
  • We are very specific and highly selective regarding the candidates we work with.
  • We target personnel based on what corporate cultures desire.
  • We help candidates meet their career and compensation goals.
  • Our candidate screening process focuses on long-term success and goals for both parties.
  • Our work is based on a mutually beneficial, unbiased “win for all” scenario.
  • Our candidates make title agencies better while increasing the company’s bottom line at the same time.

Who we want to hear from


Do you consider yourself among the top insurance underwriters? Are you passionate about the title industry and want to continue your career within it? If so, then we want to hear from you!
Conversely, if you work for a title insurance agency and want help selecting the best candidates that other recruitment firms miss, then get in touch. Often times recruitment firms miss out on our candidates because our niche focus and extensive network within the title insurance is unmatched by other agencies. We vet our candidates to assure that they are able and prepared to help a title insurance agency from the first day on the job. There is no learning curve and no hand-holding with our candidates; they are experienced, knowledgeable professionals we select to fit into your company culture and do the task effectively and efficiently, immediately. There is no need to wait for a TIP candidate to “get it”; the candidate is top of the field from the start.

To start our relationship, submit a comment on this article or reach out directly through our Contact page.