At TIP we help top title industry talent find the best-fitting title insurance agency for them

If you are looking to advance your career with a title insurance agency, then TIP should be your first stop. We are the only recruiting firm specializing in the title insurance industry that connects the top organizations with the elite title industry talent.

How we help top candidates advance their title insurance agency careers

All of our candidates are selected due to their talent and experience with title or real estate insurance. We are highly selective and choose the types of candidates we work with because we know how and where to place them. We spend time getting to know our candidates deeply, which allows us to see their skills, experiences, and goals on both the micro and macro levels.

Best of all, our title candidate services do not cost you a cent. Get in touch with us today to start our relationship.

What our recruiting process looks like for candidates

Our candidates receive complete confidentiality and the utmost attention. Our deep understanding of the title insurance industry allows us to see the areas our candidates will shine within title insurance agency positions. These positions may be vacant at one of our partner agencies or underwriters. Our innate ability to see where talented title professionals can fit amongst our partners allows us to create and recommend these positions. This is why our work is unrivaled in title recruiting.

The three biggest reasons the top title candidates seek to advance their title insurance careers with us

1. The knowledge of company culture and customizable employment

Customized assistance is commonplace in our recruitment process. Our “big picture” approach helps us uncover the most beneficial placements, including the creation of employment opportunities within our partner agencies.

A major component of a successful recruitment firm is connecting talent within a suitable company culture. Our deep understanding of the title industry allows us to recognize the most-fitting cultures for our candidates.

2. The security and support of contract negotiations

Our title industry knowledge allows us to help candidates with the negotiation process, providing assistance along the way. We offer opportunities to candidates that fit into their desired compensation range, and take into account their career aspirations for the title industry. Overall, our main goal is the long-term scenario where each side wins.

3. Support for all title industry professionals

We provide continued support to title industry professionals through our website, email, and job offerings. If you are not looking to advance your title industry career today, but will be focusing on it in the future, then we will be here as a resource.

Our work opens the door to the best title insurance careers. We consistently engage with a major network of title agencies and professionals nationwide. We provide a variety of  unpublished opportunities the general public never sees. We are title industry experts with the tools for helping top candidates advance their title insurance agency careers. Get in touch with us today.