We work with a major network of title insurance companies, underwriters, and professionals to adequately serve the needs of the title industry

At Title Insurance Partners, we focus solely on the title insurance industry. This focus exists because our staff is comprised of experienced title industry professionals who have founded, merged, acquired and revamped title insurance companies around the country.

Our success is linked to our extensive understanding of the title insurance industry. We are the only recruiting firm that can make these claims, as no other recruiters focus exclusively on our market. We speak to thousands of candidates, corporations, and agencies. Our reach and streamlined opportunities are unmatched.

Why the best title insurance companies and underwriters work with us

Our title industry knowledge allows us to see the big picture and monitor changes taking place in real estate, mortgage and title industries. We are able to maneuver the environment within that industry picture, allowing us to create tailored positions to fill the needs of our clients more effectively. Many of these employment opportunities are not openly advertised. These positions are created specifically with our partners for our available candidates.

Here’s a look at additional reasons why top title insurance companies turn to us for their staffing needs:

  • We are accomplished at converting passive professionals into active candidates when unique and exclusive opportunities arise.
  • We can quickly staff title companies when new positions are created internally.
  • We are able to fill the most significant and impactful roles at title companies.
  • With a staff experienced in mergers and acquisitions, we help our partners evaluate prospects, mitigate risks, and carry out all aspects of a merger or acquisition.
  • We frequently sift through our large network of connections to deliver the most quality candidates.

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How we place the best talent for jobs with top title insurance companies

We have been so successful with partners and candidates because we establish mutually beneficial relationships where all involved will grow and thrive.

Our partners get the luxury of our recruiting prowess, which includes offering the highest-level candidates that suit the needs of the company and fit within its unique culture. We will even help build the relationship between top candidates and title insurance companies by helping with the negotiation process. Finding the best deal for both sides helps develop a strong foundation for our partnerships.

Maintaining solid relationships with candidates provides us with the best talent

The most-qualified candidates in the title industry understand their skills and where they fit into the market. Sometimes they just need a little additional help narrowing in on this knowledge to find the best-fitting position and company.

We build strong relationships with top passive candidates, many of whom have active books. These passive candidates often become active when the right opportunity presents itself.

The benefits of partnering with Title Insurance Partners:

  • A TIP team with decades of industry experience
  • Recruiters using the most-effective negotiation strategies
  • A team of professionals that understand long-term growth potential
  • A pay structured based solely on successful candidate placement
  • A free no-obligation discussion about your business requirements
  • Experienced assistance with mergers and acquisitions

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